Welcome to N-2.org, a page dedicated to NSPR and NSS.

NSPR and NSS are free and open source software projects for use with the C programming language (with a close relationship to the Mozilla.org project).

NSPR provides a Portable Runtime that runs on Linux™, Windows™, Mac OS X™, Android™ and other operating systems.

NSS provides Network Security Services including implementations of secure protocols (e.g. SSL/TLS and CMS) and cryptographic algorithms.

Primary project pages:

NSPR project page & NSS project page

Recommended reading:

About NSPR (overview) & Getting Started With NSS (has links to sample code)

NSPR Reference & An overview of NSS Internals

NSPR Wikipedia & NSS Wikipedia entries


Information about NSS releases

Download NSPR releases & Download NSS releases

For release notes, see the archives of the mailing lists.


NSPR mailing list & NSS and Mozilla crypto mailing list

Internet Relay Chat (IRC): Connect to server irc.mozilla.org in channel #nss

For developers

Getting Sourcecode, building and testing, and a quick overview of source code organization.

Browse NSPR & NSS sources

Tinderbox (continous integration, building and testing)

Interested to help us? Look at the list of open bugs/tickets waiting for help.


Picture of members of the NSS development team, taken during the weekly meeting in July 2010.
(From left to right, Robert (Bob) Relyea, Elio Maldonado Batiz, Kai Engert, Wan-Teh Chang, Christophe Ravel, Nelson Bolyard).
Notable software projects using NSPR & NSS

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